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When the movie Back to the Future was released in 1985, I remember being intrigued by the science fiction concept of seeing what the future is like. While I understand it’s not possible to know what the future holds, it was fun to watch predictions of technological advances: flying cars, hoverboards, robotic gas stations, drones, remote-controlled garbage cans, computerized clothes, self-tying shoes — the list goes on (it’s even more fun to see what actually became a reality in 2015 compared to what the film predicted). I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, will this really happen?” or “No, that’s too far-fetched.”

But the reality is: Nothing is far-fetched. What may seem impossible now can well be a living reality sooner than we think. When we say #BetheFuture, we mean that we should work to not only solve today’s problems for a better future, but also keep upgrading and upscaling — and “upping” in general — to transform our lives into something we might not be able to imagine in the present: something visionary that goes beyond our current reality, something futuristic. And that’s what we’re focusing on in this issue.

the third in our centennial series, this issue looks at faculty, students and alumni working for a better future, from driverless cars, 3d printing and genomes to sustainable buildings and smart hospital gowns. their work marks what AUC stood for in the past 100 years and will continue into the next century: addressing global issues and being creative with a forward-looking perspective. it is impressive and innovative, but more importantly, impactful.

And what better timing than the start of a new year to look toward a new century (#AUCFutureForward) and celebrate these accomplishments and the difference they will make in our lives? Who knows? A few years from now, we’ll probably witness an important breakthrough or discovery and look behind the scenes to find out that the champion is an AUCian.

Let’s Be the Future — each in our own way.

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