About the Magazine

AUCToday is a biannual magazine produced by the Office of Marketing Communication and Public Affairs at The American University in Cairo.

Enough is enough. When a group of women took to social media last year exposing a sexual predator, they sparked a movement that caught fire throughout the country, and one thing was made clear: there is no excuse for sexual harassment. And it’s time we all speak up. When AUC launched the #AUCSpeakUp campaign, it was to recognize the problem, acknowledge its severity and do something about it.

This issue looks at the efforts in our community in raising awareness to prevent and combat sexual harassment, even beyond campus. The SpeakUp Dialog Series encourages nationwide discussions on important issues; the University strengthened reporting channels and encourages people to properly report cases. Our students are holding events so you can speak your mind, and our alumni are at the forefront of the movement through different initiatives and organizations. Most importantly, our faculty are dedicated to research that can help advance change, both culturally and policy-wise. These efforts are done with the knowledge that ‘Change is Coming,’ and the first step is to speak up.

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