About the Magazine

AUCToday is a biannual magazine produced by the Office of Marketing Communication and Public Affairs at The American University in Cairo.

Distanced, virtual, and unpredictable. Last year we witnessed the world entirely transform in just the span of a few months. And what we thought would be a matter of just those months turned into a year, and is now likely the matter of a lifetime. Looking Beyond COVID explores that lifetime — the future that has been shaped by the quick changes and prompt decisions made to safeguard our health, but which also made us rethink the very way we live. So what happens next? How will we live in a post-covid world? We searched within AUC for those answers.

This issue features experts from across the fields of business, travel, education, psychology and even architecture. They offer evidence-based insight on how day-to-day activities will continue to change and the consequences that will come along: How travel trends and destinations are changing, the sustainability of digital education, the possible eradication of the traditional workday, whether or not we will ever touch each other the same again, and if there ever will be a ‘new normal.’ And while at times we are left with more questions than answers and an abundance of ‘what ifs,’ our experts prove that the data, the science and the research do not lie.

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