This story appeared in the July 2017 edition of AUC Today.

AUC offers students 60 organizations to get involved with, from service to athletics to music and dance. Here’s what some students had to say about their experiences outside the classroom. To read more about AUC’s new cocurricular transcript, click here.

“The Cairo International Model Arab League (CIMAL) taught me that communication and inclusivity are key to a successful organization that positively contributes to the entire community.”

Aly Amer, political science and integrated marketing communication, CIMAL head delegate

“By putting me on a platform for change, the Cairo International Model United Nations (CIMUN) provided me with a safe environment to debate and fight for issues that I believe in, while simultaneously exposing me to new issues that I was unaware of.”

Omar Zaky, political science, CIMUN secretary-general

“Being at Volunteers in Action (VIA), in whatever position, is a great experience. During the four years I spent with VIA, I learned a lot of things. Most importantly, I learned that a very small act can change someone’s life. In fact, VIA has been my energy booster for these years; the happiness that we see in the eyes of the people whom we help, especially orphans, gives us the motivation to keep our spirit and passion for the club’s activities. I will be forever grateful for being part of this big family one day, and as we always say, “Once a VIAn, Always a VIAn.”

Mariam Gad, marketing, VIA president

“Working in the Robotix Club showed me what it means to hold a responsibility, to dream, to plan and to execute what you see as beneficial. I saw how organizations can grow and prosper. I valued the human capital and power of connections. The club showed me how people work very hard when they have a dream that they believe in. The experience has changed a lot in my personality. Thanks to AUC for having such diverse clubs that suit everyone.”

Mohamed AbdelShafi, electronics and communications engineering, Robotix Club’s vice president for operations

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