These quotes appeared in the Fall 2017 edition of AUCToday.

Yasmeen Abdelkader

Undeclared freshman student from the United States

“I was tired of proclaiming that I was Egyptian without experiencing Egypt, so I came to Cairo to reconnect with my roots. Since I came here, I’ve learned that Egypt is an overlooked gem that offers valuable life lessons. Above all, I’ve learned the importance of family. One of my favorite memories was AUC’s Thanksgiving dinner because it showed how different cultures could blend into one, not to mention the delicious food. Egypt is also a very collectivist culture. If I’m experiencing trouble, whether it be car issues or confusion about an assignment, someone will always go out of their way to help me, with no expectations in return. This has given me the most wonderful, wholesome feeling of joy and belongingness. Now, I aspire to become a mentor to younger students.”

Mohammed Abdellaoui

Computer science sophomore and Tomorrow’s Leaders Scholarship Recipient from Algeria

Mohammed Abdellaoui
“Egypt has its own legacy, which encouraged me to step into this country and sense the historical dimensions inside its walls. Being in such an environment is priceless because you don’t get the chance to walk and learn in a place that was — hundreds of years ago — a hub of the most brilliant minds in history, those who changed the path of science forever. Through community service clubs at AUC, I went to rural areas in Egypt to teach children math, Arabic and English using games. I am also working with the Robotix Club to teach basic robotics to impoverished children with disabilities. AUC stands for quality. I see motivation wherever I go: students eager to make a change and enthusiastic about doing something great for their communities.”

Hanin Elfandi

Biology sophomore (premedical track), Tomorrow’s Leaders Scholarship recipient from Libya

“As an AUCian, I feel like a citizen of an important place where the unreachable is right at my fingertips. At AUC conferences and events, we network with amazing leaders who listen to our ideas because they believe we matter. This gives me a sense of empowerment. Another thing I adore about AUC is the welcoming and friendly Office of International Student Life, where I feel at home and valued because of my different background. The office ensures that we as international students see the beauty of Egypt by escorting us to different places in the country and organizing heartwarming gatherings. Egyptians love us here and always offer to accommodate.”

Khaddija Jobe

English literature sophomore and study abroad student from Gambia and the United States

“I grew up in West Africa and wanted to come back to the continent, but somewhere completely different from where I grew up. I’ve always been interested in doing this; I just never had the chance to venture out on my own and explore. It’s a nice dual experience to be at AUC as a student and experience how things work academically, as well as be a tourist in Egypt. I’m getting a unique historical perspective. Because we’re in Egypt, my professors are using works that relate more to the area, so I’m being introduced to different theorists and authors.”

Michel Salzer

Political science study abroad student from Germany

“Egypt is rich in that it has so much to offer. There’s an interesting mixture of cultures, and people always communicate different opinions. AUC, more than any other university, is a way of life, not just an educational institution. You can achieve many things and interact with important and interesting individuals. You come across different people on campus, with different ways of living and thinking. The University encourages multidisciplinary thinking, and people exchange a lot of ideas through courses. It’s a very interesting mélange of Egyptian, American and European academic traditions”

Adam Angus

Business administration junior from the United States

“AUC offers opportunities and a unique learning experience that you would not be able to get in other countries. I’m learning here within an interesting economic situation. My goal is to tackle the class gap to really structure a strong middle class. The University is helping me achieve this goal because it really brings about a new perspective and pushes you to innovate. I’ve learned so much about myself and where I come from because of the Egyptian society’s collective unity. This kind of networking is at the forefront of global business.”

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