AUC Couples

“Mohamed Safwat and I met on campus as freshmen in the fall of 1994. He proposed to me one beautiful summer day at the Falaki building. We got engaged in 1998, a few months after our June 1998 commencement, and we got married in July 2000. We are blessed to be best friends, lovers and parents to two crazy kids and two even crazier cats.”

— Aliaa M. Abaza ’98


“AUC used the Channel, a paper for circulation that included all important information for students. We did not have emails.”

— Mona Al-Abiad ’89, ’10


“One of the most famous trips at the University was the Luxor and Aswan trip, which always took place between the two-semester recess. Taking the train for 12 hours and trying to visit all the attractions in Luxor and Aswan in five days. Always fun, and memories to hold forever.”

— Nabil Arar ’86


“Madame Azhar was a fighter with a huge heart. She always used to encourage us to train when we were at the changing rooms. … May she rest in peace.”

— Merit Al-Sayed ’01

Lifelong learning

“I am a proud AUCian because the kind and quality of education we get prepares us for life like no other place. The life skills we learned have shaped our personalities.”                           

 — Doha Shawki ’95, ’98


“Thick and thin applies to friendship, not only to marriage. We studied together, stood by each other during heartaches, were together at graduation, attended each other’s weddings, watched our kids grow and play with each other, stood by each other during difficult times, attended our children’s weddings and will grow old together.”

— Hanan Shahin ’87, ’97


“AUC makes us proud everywhere, all the time. Every penny was worth it. We pose as pearls of a necklace, scattered yet united by everything genuine.”

— Lamya Ramadan ’87, ’01


“Every performance, every song, every corner of Ewart Hall speak so many memories. So many precious moments with very special individuals whom I call friends for life. No matter how near or rather how far, you are all engraved in my heart. RIP Larry, our mentor and our music keeper. You will never be forgotten! Miss you all so much. Osiris Singers forever.”

— Mariam Farag ’99

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