From giving to volunteerism, alumni trustees choose to “pay it forward” to their alma mater

The Board of Trustees is one prime example of volunteers who dedicate their time and resources to supporting the University. Coming from a range of backgrounds, AUC’s trustees include many alumni in the areas of business, law, education, philanthropy and scholarship. Primarily Egyptians and Americans, the trustees do not receive any compensation. They provide generous financial support to the University, in addition to their fiduciary responsibilities.

Nora Abousteit ’00 Founder and CEO, CraftJam Inc.

Mohamed Elbaradei

Dina El Mofty ’98 CEO and Co-Founder, INJAZ Egypt
Mark Turnage (ALU ’82) CEO, Owl Cybersecurity
Nathan Brown (CASA ’84)
Professor of Political
Science and International
Affairs, the George
Washington University
Gretchen Gerwe Welch (ALU ’02) Diplomat, Retired
Ziad Bahaa-Eldin ’87 Founder and Managing Partner, Thebes Consultancy
Rana el Kaliouby ’98,’00
CEO and Co-Founder, Affectiva
Paul B. Hannon
Sadek Wahba ’87 Managing Partner,
I Squared Capital
Atef Eltoukhy ’74 Chairman, Aurum Capital Management

Teresa C. Barger (CASA ’78) Co-Founder and Managing Director, Cartica Capital
El-Khazindar ’96
Co-Founder and Managing Director, Qalaa Holdings
Suad Al-Husseini Juffali
Thomas A. Bartlett
Fitch (YAB ’91)
Partner, Strategic Advisory
Group, PJT Partners

Alumni Council Founding Members

The Alumni Council is a small volunteer service body representing alumni worldwide

Council President Mohammed Ismail ’87 General Manager and CEO, Egyptian German
Automotive Company; Managing Director and CEO, Egyptian Kuwaiti Foundry
Council Secretary Sara “Pinky” Selim ’07
Credit Exposure Management Associate, Commercial International Bank, Egypt
Soha Athanasios ’87, ’89
Director of Risk Services – OSHA Practice, Sedgwick Claims Management Services, United States
Council Vice President
Maher Asham ’90, ’97 Managing Director, Egypt for Information Dissemination S.A.E. (EGID)

Randa Abdou ’88
Founder, Marketing Mix Consultancy; CEO and Chief Strategist, Creative Lab Group

Fady Khalil Jacob ’81 Enterprise Sales Manager, Riverbed Technology,
United States
Abdalla El Ebiary ’94 Managing Director, Qalaa Holdings;
Chairman, Egyptian Private Equity Association

Omar Khalifa ’08
CEO and Founder,

Lamia Gabr ’96
(Region – Dubai)
Former Relationship
Manager – Investments, Oman Insurance Company

Check out these trustee video spotlights below:

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