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AUCians can stay home and stay safe, but they can't stay inactive. Check out some of the creative ways they've been spending their time during the quarantine

AUCians can stay home and stay safe, but they can’t stay inactive. Check out some of the creative ways they’ve been spending their time during the quarantine.

AUC’s Musical Talents Shine

This is Not a Concert

It’s not a concert, but it is a series of spectacular performances put on by some of AUC’s most talented musical artists. You can watch all the performances here.

Quarantining didn’t stop Arthur Bos, chair and associate professor in the Department of Biology, from making music. Under the alias ‘Dorian Whisper,’ Bos has been recording ‘Quarantine Sessions’ from his home in Cairo for fans around the world and the AUC community to enjoy during this time. Watch his videos.

School of Business faculty members Ahmed Abdel Meguid, associate dean for undergraduate studies and administration at the school, and Hakim Meshreki, assistant professor and Master of International Management/CEMS academic director, collaborated on this fun song about online instruction mishaps and tips. Take a listen here.

Writer’s Corner

From day one to 93…and counting.

The Caravan presents: Daily Diaries, everyday reflections from the AUC community.

Read the narratives capturing life under quarantine for different people.

“I say count your blessings. It may be the fact that we are forced to stay in that is making it unbearable along with the uncertainty of the future. Nonetheless, there is always a positive side to every downfall.” — Lobna Fayez, senior specialist, external affairs, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Playwriting Bakeoff

Members of the AUC community put their creative skills to the test when challenged to write a play script in just 48 hours. Read the scripts.

Workstation Selfies

Where in the World are Our Alumni Quarantining?

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