If 2020 was a TV show, it would be called…

We asked for your creative, funny and thought-provoking ideas, and you delivered!

After the pandemic, I will…

We asked AUCians to share what they’re eager to do after the pandemic:

This year, I learned…

We asked AUCians to share their biggest takeaways from the past year

  • Enjoy life to the fullest because the future is unpredictable
  • The importance of spending time with my loved ones
  • It’s OK to take a break
  • Be grateful for every little thing that I have
  • Good health is a blessing we take for granted
  • Prioritize my family and friends as much as I do my career goals
  • Accepting life in its new format is a must
  • Nothing is permanent and can be lost in a split second
  • How to become stronger after hardship
  • I can’t live without my pets

I miss this the most about campus…

Members of the community reflect on their favorite
moments on campus

  • Hugging my friends in the plaza
  • My office, my colleagues and social networking
  • Drinking coffee and unwinding in the gardens
  • Bumping into people
  • The cats
  • Sitting on the staircase of the School of Sciences and Engineering
  • Roaming the library shelves
  • Eating pizza in the student lounge with my friends
  • Hearing my students laugh
  • Walking across the bridges that connect the buildings

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