By Nahla El Gendy

All photos are courtesy of HASSELL/Dugdale Strategy 

For the past years, AUC has engaged in a Learning Spaces Strategic Plan to promote an integrated learning landscape for the AUC community — a blend of formal and informal, physical and virtual learning. It is meant to enhance the learning experience for students, support teaching transformation, and deliver future-ready and resilient settings. The plan consists of two phases: the first involved exploration and preliminary design studies, and the second comprised the development of designs for pilot spaces, including classrooms, improved collaborative and study settings, and richer hybrid and informal distributed learning settings. 

As learning activities become increasingly blended, more courses require teamwork outside of the classroom. The redesigned Learning Commons, the experimental sandbox and other hubs can provide more shared hybrid spaces with different types of support services enriching the learner experience

“This is one of the most exciting projects I have worked on,” said Aziza Ellozy ’64, ’67, associate provost for transformative learning and teaching. “Based on feedback from all stakeholders, we have tried to push the envelope. The resulting inherently flexible, technology-enhanced redesigned spaces will allow faculty to experiment with more creative pedagogies and students to have more collaborative spaces, formal and informal, while learning in person, virtually or in a global setting.”  

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