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These Achievers are #MakingAUCProud

AUCians are among the top 2% most impactful scientists globally and nationally recognized researchers and thinkers

Ten of our faculty members are recognized by Stanford-Elsevier’s Scopus as some of the top 2% most impactful scientists globally.

Research Awards

Nermeen Shehata, associate professor of accounting and director of El-Khazindar Business Research and Case Center (KCC) received the Abdul Hameed Shoman Arab Researchers Award in the Economics and Administration Sciences category on the topic “Financial Solutions and Creative Innovations in Emerging Markets” for her research on corporate governance and its impact on the development of capital markets, especially in emerging economies.
Dina Fouad ’12, ’19 and Yasmine Abdel Maksoud (MSc ’09, PhD ’18) were nationally recognized by Egypt’s Engineering Education Sector Committee of the Supreme Council of Universities for “best theses,” developing – respectively – materials with enhanced mechanical properties that have promising potential applications in the dental and biomedical fields as well as a water treatment unit to help solve Egypt’s water scarcity challenge.

Three of AUC’s faculty members won State Prizes in Science and Technology, organized by The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, for their scientific contributions and achievements.

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