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Zawgy Yuheb Al La’eb

Zawgy Yuheb Al La’eb is a one-act Arabic comedy written by prominent playwright and screenwriter Saad Eldin Wahba and directed by Amena Ebeid ’21. Set in Cairo in the 1960s, the play explores the comedic and intense dynamic between a husband and wife during more than 15 years of marriage, highlighting the complexity and diversity of human emotions between men and women.

Ancient Games and Set in Stone

Ancient Games and Set in Stone are two original one-act plays that retell the Pharaonic myth of Osiris and Isis, recounting the story of the death of Osiris at the hands of his brother Set and his resurrection with help from Isis, Nephthys and Anubis. Ancient Games was written by the Cairo Writers Lab — a group of AUC students, faculty and alumni led by Jillian Campana, professor of theatre and associate dean for undergraduate studies at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences — and directed by Maryam Shafik ’20.

Ancient Games toured schools in New Cairo as part of AUC’s Educational Outreach Theatre initiative, which brings new theatre works to K-12 schools. Set in Stone is a comedic metanarrative of the myth, written specifically for AUC students by award-winning playwright Yussef El Guindi ’82 and directed by Amira Elshorbagy ’19. 

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